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Anne V and her team has been on fire when it comes to successfully dominating each campaign challenge that comes their way. Our gorgeous Anne dishes in her recent The Face blog, just how good they are!

Anne V: I Hate to Boast, But My Team is Kicking Ass!!!


First, the good news: Team Anne for the win! Again! My girls performed so well dancing in their video to showcase Liebeskind’s new collection of bags.


Tiana, as usual, was nearly flawless. She’s been the most consistent model throughout each campaign. Trained in ballet, Tiana is very elegant and moves well. But it was Sharon who surprised me. I mean, she kind of knocked the ball out of the park. She gave great energy and naturally has good rhythm. She also really took my direction, following every single point about holding the bag and showcasing it. And since Sharon has a somewhat edgy look she fit Liebeskind’s desire to find a model with a “rebel” vibe. Sharon deserved to win this campaign and go to Germany to work with Liebskind. It’s an amazing opportunity. I’m so happy for her!

The only model on my team who fell short was Khadisha. She wasn’t quick enough and couldn’t understand what was being asked of her. This disappointed me because she could have done so much better. When we were doing the choreography, she was dancing very well. The girl can move! So much so that I was thinking we’d have to make the routine easier so the others could follow her steps. But when the cameras turn on something happens to her. It’s as if she can’t let go and open up. Khadisha has to overcome this or it will stunt or kill her career. She needs to get out of her head and start nailing some clutch performances.

Allison is another one who has huge potential as a model but needs to step up her game. I think the root of Allison’s problem on this show is that she lost her confidence. It’s a shame because she’s such a stunning girl. Out of everyone, Allison just looks like a model to me. But she can’t take criticism and didn’t put in 100 percent. We asked her for more energy and we didn’t get it. As a model, if you aren’t feeling it, you fake it. You just get it done. Allison doesn’t seem to be able to do that with any consistency. And while Felisa was also disappointing (lack of energy, unaware of the bag, cute but too soft), she’s been doing better in the overall competition than Allison. I don’t think we’ve seen everything Felisa has to offer. Felisa, prove me right! Allison, prove me wrong out there in the “real world.”


Anne V

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Anne is on fire. She has been on top of her game with her girls (Tiana Zarlin, Sharon Gallardo and Khandisha Gaye) on Team Anne V; so much so that she’s sending the other coaches teams home. After giving great pointers for their viral video for Liebeskind, Anne managed to seal her team their third consecutive win. Here is the review of The Face from TV Source Magazine.

The Face Review: Team Anne V Dominates the Competition as Models Do Viral Campaign
By: Venus Stone-Cutter

The Face - Season 2
(The Face “Going Viral” Episode 205 Picture: Sharon Gallardo–(Photo by Tim Brown/Oxygen)

On last week’s episode of The Face, titled “Sell, Sell, Sell”, the team of Anne Vyaltisyna (Anne V) continued to beat out the competition with their amazing work on their Alex and Ani campaign. Due to her win, Naomi Campbell and Lydia Hearst both had to decide who from their team would be headed for the elimination room to prove to Anne which one should stay. It was between Alana Duval and Allison Milar in the elimination room. After deliberating on her decision on who should stay, Anne sent Alana packing.

Anne Stands Her Ground on her Elimination Decision

I hope for Naomi’s team sake, they get themselves a win, because the more Anne wins, the frustrated she seemed to have gotten; especially when it was Allison that she saw walking back from the elimination room. In Wednesday’s episode titled, “Going Viral”, the show picked up from the night of eliminations, and let’s just say, Naomi has had enough of having her girls going home. Anne, on the other hand, made no apologies in her decision as to who she felt should stay.

Naomi immediately questioned Anne as to why she felt Allison should be rewarded in staying when she didn’t prove herself in the Alex and Ani campaign. Anne pointed out that Alana didn’t prove herself and that she felt that Alison had more than Naomi’s girl did. A very heated Naomi didn’t mince words in her confessional that it was on between her and Anne. I personally think their strong will and determination to win makes great television, especially when you get to see the two go toe-to-toe with one another.

The Girls Get Their Groove On in Viral Video

The Face - Season 2
(The Face — Episode 205 — Pictured: (l-r)Allison Malic, Rachel (Ray) Clanton, Khadisha Gaye, Amanda Gullickson,Tiana Zarlin, Felisa Wiley, Sharon Gallardo, Afiya Bennett — (Photo by: Steve Fenn/Oxygen)

The ever handsome host of The Face, Nigel Barker presented the teams with a new campaign challenge. He shared with the girls that with the rise of social media, a lot of campaigns are featured virally to spread the word about their business/product. The girls would get their first taste on what it means to go viral in a campaign for Germany based company, Liebeskind. The company’s big business is in that of the leather handbags.

I personally was excited to see this campaign based off of the previews I’d seen, and from the looks of it, it’s fresh and eye-catching. Okay, little gush session over, let’s continue on. The president of Liebeskind, USA, Nathalie Sears joined Nigel in talking about what she would be looking for with their campaign. The campaign itself would be a 30 second video in which the teams would create a choreographed dance routine while showcasing the latest Liebeskind leather bags.

Nigel also introduced model, Karen Elson, who did a viral video for the 2011 Lanvin’s campaign to give the girls tips on how to perfect their videos. The primary focus that models should remember was to make sure that their routine was effortless, where in each shot, the flow of the tossing of the bag from model to model was captured. Let’s just say that as Nigel was talking about this, both Allison and Felisa Wiley looked instantly nervous.

The teams would be judged on the following factors: Rebellious Attitude; Choreography; and Showcase of the Bag. The team who executed all three of these components successfully would not only garner their team the win, but one lady from that team would be chosen by Nathalie, herself, to be featured in a Liebeskind look book that would be shot in Berlin.

Some Have Rhythm, Some Don’t

It’s always hard watching one team shine while others who aren’t comfortable in their own skin look defeated. It was as such as Team Lydia’s girl, Allison just couldn’t pick up the dance routine, as well as give a look of happiness as they practiced the run through of their viral video. As simple as the steps were from Lydia, it was just too hard for Allison to catch on, which only made things worse as the other girls pressed for her to catch up.

No in the case of Felisa from Team Naomi, she too had issues with the dance routine, for the simple fact that she has no rhythm. Naomi had reason to be concerned about her because she’s down to just two models on her team: Felisa, of course, and Afiya Bennett, who caught on naturally with the dance routine. While Afiya did great with the dance portion of the routine, a part of me was afraid that she’d be concentrating too much on her dance, losing focus on her face and feature of the product itself.

Khadisha Gaye is a shining star but her star somewhat dimmed for this campaign. While the rest of Team Anne V caught on quickly with their steps, Khadisha couldn’t get the coordination down pat; often switching position in steps. Anne gave tips on how to really showcase the bag, which Karen, who stopped by each team to check up on their progress, loved. I really loved Sharon Gallardo’s fierceness in practice when they were doing the run through.

When it was time for the teams to all do their actual shoot, you could tell that there were cracks in the team of Lydia. Both Amanda Gullickson and Allison seem to lose not only focus but also lost the ability to really shine in the campaign. Rachel (Ray) Clanton, on the other hand, was the only one to get the simple steps in the routine down pat, while still showcasing the bag.

Naomi knows competition when she sees it, and she pointed out to Lydia that Anne’s model, Tiana Zarlin was the one to focus on; because she’s the one to beat. I have to agree, because when Team Anne V came to do their video, they all just rocked it. Khadisha still had issues with the dance portion of the routine, but at the end she did the best she could. As for Sharon? She was on fire and gave that rebellious side that Nigel was talking about

As for Team Naomi, Afiya continued to shine, which really overshadowed Felisa, who continued to struggle to find the beat and the natural enthusiasm when featuring the Liebeskind bag. I had my fingers crossed that Naomi would be able to hold on to one of her girls, because I don’t think I wanted to see her wrath if she were forced to go on with just one girl.

And the Best Viral Video Goes To…

Nathalie and Nigel returned to give the viewers and themselves a look at the finished product of the Liebeskind viral video challenge. They started off with viewing the video of Team Anne, where Nathalie applauded the great energy the girls showed, as well as being proud that her bag was being primarily focused on. She did however, had issue with the lack of maturity that Khadisha showed in her portion of the video. Nathalie soon moved on to Team Naomi. She immediately hit that nerve in Naomi when she called their routine too “cheerlead-y” for her liking. She did say that Afiya was great in the video but felt that because of her great moves and focus on giving the best product showcase, it overshadowed a weak Felisa.

I love Lydia, but her girls haven’t won a challenge yet, and a part of me wondered if her girls are losing hope in ever getting to a winning campaign. Nathalie didn’t like much of the video, minus the fact that Ray was the only one that stood out to her. She felt that both Allison and Amanda weren’t prepared at all; she also noted to Nigel that Allison lacked the self-confidence that she needed.

After they all viewed the videos, it was time for Nathalie to reveal who she thought had the best video and who all met the three components she was judging on. To Naomi’s chagrin, Anne V and her models took their third win, forcing both Lydia and Naomi once again to put up one of their girls. Not only did Anne’s team win, but Sharon was chosen by Nathalie as the model that just stood out to her, therefore she’d be heading off to Berlin to shoot the Liebeskind look book.

Anne Gives Tough Love to the Nominated

A very frustrated Lydia didn’t mince words when she told her girls that she felt that the girls didn’t give it their all for the campaign. Earlier on during their shoot of the video, Lydia did point out that Allison needed to focus less on the background goings-on and more on giving her all for the campaign. While both Amanda and Allison didn’t put effort in their campaign, I felt that Allison pretty much went into the shoot with a slightly defeated heart. This would be her second time facing Anne in the elimination room and a part of me just wondered if she’d have enough fight to convince Anne she should be chosen to stay.

The Face - Season 2
(The Face — “Going Viral” Episode 205 — Pictured:(l-r) Anne V, Lydia Hearst, Naomi Campbell, Nigel Barker, Nathalie Sears — (Photo by: Tim Brown/Oxygen)

As for Felisa, she just has this sweet, meek demeanor about herself and in the last episode, Naomi did warn her that she’d have to start fighting to stay in the competition. Well, after failing to bring her best to the video, it was now her time to prove to Anne she deserved to stay. I like Felisa but sweet and meek only goes so far before you’re gobbled up by someone that can give the whole package; and it’s clear that so far, her teammate, Afiya can present that package.

In the elimination room, Anne questioned why Allison was once again on the chopping block. She didn’t hesitate to share that if someone other than Felisa would have been in the room with Allison, Allison would have been gone immediately. Felisa tried her best to convince Anne that she’s the complete package for Fekkai, but Anne again pointed out that if that were true, she’d would have done a better job in her campaign. Allison, too tried to fight to have Anne keep her, but quite honestly, her tone just didn’t have conviction or any fire.

After deliberating a bit, Anne sadly had to send Allison home. She gave Felisa some serious words on holding true to her words that she’d improve going forward.

Next Time on The Face

Next week, the supermodel mentors will be doing a campaign with their remaining team members, where their girls switch gender roles. During this challenging campaign none other than LOGO network and drag queen sensation, RuPaul (RuPaul Andre Charles) will be coming to the studio to guest mentor. Make sure to tune in next Wedneday at 8/7 C for The Face!

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On Wednesday night’s episode of The Face, titled, “Sell, Sell, Sell”, the teams of Anne V, Lydia Hearst and Naomi Campbell had to do their best video campaign for the jewelry of Alex and Ani. After it was all done, it was Anne V’s team that stood out on top, earning their second win in the competition. Unfortunately for both Lydia and Naomi, they had to put one of their girls up for Anne to decide who to keep and who to send home. Here are Anne’s thoughts about the show and the two girls who were up for elimination.

Anne V: Allison Looks Like a Big-Time Model. Now, Can She Act Like One?
By Anne V


Let me cut straight to the chase: Allison is a stronger model than Alana, and that’s why I chose to keep her in the competition. Whether Naomi should have sent Alana into the elimination room in the first place is another question. It was Afiya, not Alana, who got Team Naomi disqualified from this challenge.


The client, jewelry maker Alex and Ani, described Team Naomi’s commercial as “unusable” because Afiya badly mispronounced the name of its designer and founder, Carolyn Rafaelian. Making matters worse, Afiya blundered her lines so many times without delivering a single usable take that it killed the energy for her entire team.

Still, I have to admit that I do understand where Naomi is coming from. While Alana is a beauty, I’m guessing Afiya is her favorite. Even though Afiya fell short on this challenge, she does have a lot of potential. It’s hard to put a model up for elimination when you think she might be able to win the whole show. Naomi had a tough decision to make, and I respect that. It’s just a shame because it wasn’t entirely fair for Alana.

As for Allison, what can I say? She looks like a model. In fact, it’s not hard to imagine her as a face of a brand. But she needs to find the spark within. She needs to be more alive. She also needs to learn how to take criticism — and fast!!! What’s odd to me is that Naomi and I weren’t saying anything mean. If Allison overheard us, she should have used the criticism constructively during the challenge. Instead, she became rattled. As a model, you have to work while people are criticizing you. You have to be flawless under pressure. You have to work while you’re sick. Hell, you might even have to work after a loved one dies. Try smiling for the cameras then.


Anne V

P.S. Congrats to my team. They were AMAZING! We are now officially on a roll!!!!

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Two days ago, I finished writing my review/recap of this past Wednesday’s episode of The Face, where our one and only Anne V took the win for Team Anne V for a second time, to the obvious dismay of beautifully fierce supermodel, Naomi Campbell.

Here is the review, courtesy of TV Source Magazine!

The Face Review: Naomi Loses Her Cool While Team Anne V Snatches Second Win
By: Venus Stone


On last week’s The Face, the heat was on between the three teams to seal a win during a campaign featuring designs by Pamella Roland, in which a runway show was conducted on top of a banquet table. In the end, it was Anne V and her girls that won the competition, forcing both Naomi Campbell and Lydia Hearst to choose a girl each from their team for elimination. In that elimination, it was outspoken model, Kira Dikhtyar up against that of soft spoken Ray Clanton. Ray, who admitted that she failed miserably at perfecting her runway way, proved to Anne that she deserved another chance, which sent Naomi’s Kira into fits of tears to the point where Naomi herself went into the elimination room to console her.

Anne’s Choice Sets Naomi Off

Last night’s episode, “Sell, Sell, Sell,” picked up where it left off: with the reveal to the rest of the teams who would be returning from the elimination. When all saw that Anne sent Ray back from the elimination room, some jaws dropped, mainly Naomi’s who was out one team member. The minute Naomi saw Anne return to the room, she pounced, wanting answers as to why Kira had to go home, rather than Ray, who was up for elimination two times in a row. I loved that Anne didn’t back down in her decision, nor back down to Naomi’s demanding to know ‘why’. Despite Anne trying to give her reasoning, Naomi shut her down, taking her girls back to their rooms for the night.

So Long Test Shoots, Hello Intense Campaigns

Host Nigel Barker (he’s an amazing Twitter-er with the viewers each night) shared a new, yet obvious twist for the upcoming challenges for the remaining girls: there would be no more test shoots, but full on campaigns to do and perfect. To start them out, Nigel introduced the girls to Giovanni Feroce, the CEO of Alex and Ani, to talk about a 30 second commercial campaign representing their charm bracelets. In the campaign, Giovanni stressed that the focus was to be on the core values of their product, which was peace, love and positive energy. Nigel, meanwhile pointed out that during the commercial shoot, they ladies needed also to focus on being knowledgeable, be able to have a good delivery of the product and lastly give the commercial some creativity. The winner of the commercial will have their commercial go live for Alex and Ani.

The Girls Feel the Heat from Tense Naomi

Naomi stressed to her girls that it was important that they all get the designer’s name right. To me, usually when one stresses the importance of not muffing up a person’s name, the opposite always happens. Afiya, despite practice couldn’t get Carloyn Rafaelian’s last name correct. While Naomi’s team struggled, Team Lydia’s team wanted to simply focus on making the commercial as easy as possible, without the use of complex dialogue for themselves. Meanwhile, Team Anne wanted to make the commercial acknowledge each girl’s diversity.

I think the person that struggled the most during the filming of the campaign was Allison from Team Lydia. It’ a shame because at the start of their filming, she was pretty good, but each time they cut to start over, her confidence slowly declined. While Alison was struggling, it seemed that Ray, who didn’t want to be in the elimination room again, perfected and improved in the campaign. Ray is slowly growing on me, so I was glad to see improvements in her.

Naomi had a complete meltdown due to a lot of things. Afiya continued to struggle with the last name Rafaelian, while Felicia and Alana struggled with their lines. The more they messed up, the more frustrated Naomi got. I felt so bad for those girls because the more Naomi screamed at them, the more they continued to mess up.

Anne’s team did a stellar with their campaign. They didn’t have as many takes to do and their energy seemed to flow naturally for all of them. The only drawback of their campaign is that none of the girls mentioned the name of the designer. They were more focused on the diversity of each of them and pinpointing on that in order to give a great commercial.

The Face - Season 2
THE FACE — “Sell, Sell, Sell!” Episode 204 — Pictured: The modeltestants wait to hear their next challenge — (Photo by: Steve Fenn/Oxygen)

And the Winner Is?

After the commercials were viewed it was time for both Nigel and Giovanni to discuss who gave the best commercial. I didn’t agree that Lydia had a great campaign commercial. Alison was pretty much rushing through her lines and they sounded insincere to me. The only stand out from Team Lydia was Ray, who improved a great deal from last week. Giovanni was correct in saying that Naomi’s team failed to even pronounce Carolyn Rafaelian. As much as I love me some Naomi (and I do love me some Naomi), I thought it was a tad shady of her to trying to toss Anne’s team in the mix about never mention the name of the designer. Yes, Anne’s girls didn’t mention the name, and yes some of the knowledge was missed, but Anne’s commercial was solid and felt more natural. Therefore, it was clear that Anne’s team deserved their win.

Elimination Time Has One Believing She’s Disliked

Naomi and Lydia both had a hard time deciding who should be sent to the elimination room. Naomi’s decision not to send Afiya in set off Alana, who felt that she was the key person that messed up the commercial due to mispronouncing the name Rafaelian. I didn’t agree with Naomi sending Alana instead of Afiya. As for Lydia, she knew that Alison was the one that was the weakest, so it was spot on in putting her up for elimination. Alison didn’t show much enthusiasm doing her portion of the campaign and I think that was because she was so focused on what Anne and Naomi were talking about.

It was clear that Anne was puzzled that Naomi didn’t put Afiya up, considering she was the major factor of the team’s loss. I felt that Alison’s reasons to Anne as to why she wasn’t at the best was a cop out and a way to shift a little bit of the blame. Despite her reasoning for wanting to be in the one to get saved, Alana was still sent home. All I can say it is going to be interesting to see what Naomi says or does when she faces Anne again.

Next week the girls will have a campaign in which they will be doing a viral video. Make sure to check out the next episode of The Face, which has a new time, 8/7C Wednesday night.

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We all want some of the style that Anne shares with us on a constant; whether it be on the pages of the latest fashion magazines or when we are watching her on the current episode of the reality modeling competition, The Face. Whatever she wears, she always looks her utmost best.

Recently, The Coveteur got a chance to share some of that style with us as they posted a wonderful story and pictorial of Anne. Check out the current issue of The Coveteur HERE:

Anne V for The Coveteur


It kinds of goes without saying that going head-to-head (or, for the particularly punny, face-to-face) with the likes of Naomi Campbell on a weekly basis could inspire a little, ahem, intimidation in even the most experienced industry heavyweights. We mean, if there’s anything the barrage of GIFs from Season 1 circulating cyberspace have taught us, it’s that the original supermodel still knows how to throw some serious shade. But then again, making ten consecutive appearances in Sports Illustrated’s legendary Swimsuit Issue isn’t exactly something to sneeze at either, right? Enter Anne V. (short for Vyalitsyna. The more you know, kids!), the leggy, statuesque Russian that’s doing just that: squaring off against Campbell as a mentor in the latest season of her model-making (or breaking) show, The Face.

“It was the most petrifying thing I’ve ever done in my life,” Vyalitsyna confided, as gave us the grand tour of her Tribeca apartment. Yeah, no surprises there. But one curveball we admittedly didn’t quite see coming? How Vyalitsyna sartorially deviates from the prescribed model-off-duty uniform. We mean, sure, we came across her fair share of incognito-mode ball caps and well-worn statement accessories (hello Hermès handbags!); but Vyalitsyna has a serious eye for all things brightly-hued and directional. Look no further than her stash of strappy, single-sole Manolo, Céline and Saint Laurent pumps or her seemingly endless collection of sunnies for further proof—just try not to succumb to the envy they’ll likely inspire, okay?

And while Vyalitsyna’s wardrobe may be slightly glossier and decidedly more polished than your average Manhattan-dwelling model, we still came across a handful of the hallmarks of her contemporaries. Case in point? The well-curated stacks of coffee table books—hardcover Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue archives among them. What can we say? We’re suckers for a girl who knows how to give good Face.

P.S. You can catch The Face on Oxygen. We mean, it’s basically required viewing if you want to so much as talk to us. Kidding! Kind of.

Check out all the shoes, purses and clothing of Anne V on The Coveteur website!

Also check out the full sized photographs from the shoot on the Anne V Org Gallery!

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In shades of nude, our ever-so-stunning Anne V wows on the cover and inside the pages of Marie Claire Italia for their April (Aprile) 2014 issue.

Dressed in Maxmara, Ralph Lauren, Jimmy Choo, Bottega Veneta, just to list a few, Anne just shines on the streets and on the balcony tops for their issue. Photography was done by the great Nagi Sakai

Anne V: Marie Claire Italia Aprile 2014

Nude Mood
Photography: Nagi Sakai

Make sure to check out all of the large images of this glorious editorial spread by going to Anne V Org Gallery

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Reporter Kirsten Fleming from the New York Post recently did an interview with the gorgeous Anne V, a few day shy of her 27th birthday. In the interview, the stunning blonde shared her recent runway walk for Alexander Wang, her views on dating out of the public eye, and her excitement of being a part of the second season of The Face.

Here is Kirsten’s interview with Anne V!

Anne V’s Got Blonde Ambition
By Kirsten Fleming

Anne V's Got Blonde Ambition  Photo: Rene Cervantes

Anne V’s Got Blonde Ambition Photo: Rene Cervantes

Earlier this month, Anne Vyalitsyna was anticipating her 28th birthday — it’s March 19th. Curled up on a black leather chair in a corner of a W Hotel suite that overlooks Ground Zero, the Russian-born model, who is in an oversize black sweater, black leggings and blue floral Nike high-tops, admits she’s feeling the imminent crawl to 30.

“I’m hitting that 30 mark . . . I mean, I have a few more years,” she says in barely accented English, a language she learned after moving to the United States to pursue modeling when she was only 15.

Since she launched her career as a mannequin, Vyalitsyna has walked in shows for nearly every top European fashion house, including Prada, Louis Vuitton and Dolce & Gabbana; earned her Victoria’s Secret wings; and this year, she marked her 10th year appearing in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.

Anne V's Got Blonde Ambition  Photo: Rene Cervantes

Anne V’s Got Blonde Ambition Photo: Rene Cervantes

The catwalker has been a music video vixen and, most recently, is starring alongside Lydia Hearst and Naomi Campbell in “The Face,” a model-search reality show that is “The Voice” meets “America’s Next Top Model.”

She has dated some of the hottest boldface men on the planet. She’s so successful in both the world of high fashion and lad mags, the name Vyalitsyna need not even apply. Anne V is sufficient, thank you.

“I just did Alexander Wang, where we bleached our eyebrows and were walking in heat-activated clothing, and then I went to do Sports Illustrated press for their 50th anniversary. I am so thankful that people look at me like a chameleon. With most girls you either do commercial or [high] fashion stuff. I can do everything that I’ve always wanted to and people don’t limit me because of other things I do.”

It’s an impressive and lengthy résumé for anyone, but for all of the style and pop culture accolades there is one thing that has eluded Vyalitsyna thus far.

“I would like to have a family. I’d like to have kids and that’s pretty much my goal. I’ve been very fortunate, otherwise,” she says.

There is the business of finding that special someone with whom to settle down. With sexy full lips, enviable curves and a dusting of freckles over her button nose, she’s the perfect combination of sex bomb and girl next door that beguiles the male species. The smiley blonde famously dated Maroon 5 singer Adam Levine for two years and last year landed hunky Mets ace Matt Harvey, along with a lot of accompanying ink in Page Six. The golden couple split last month. And though she’s had her brushes with famous men, Vyalitsyna wouldn’t mind the type of pedestrian introduction that makes for good romantic comedy scripts.

“I don’t have anything against meeting someone in a supermarket. That would actually be awesome,” she says, her green eyes twinkling. Before she finishes describing the meet-cute over Fuji apples in the produce aisle of Fairway, she tempers the fantasy with the reality of globe-trotting while trying to maintain a relationship with, say, a mild-mannered accountant.

“It would be a lot easier to date someone who isn’t in the public eye, because I don’t think people would really care about your relationship as much. But also, when you meet someone who is successful and has been in the public eye, they understand what you’re going through. You don’t really get someone who is a teacher — they’re going to be like, ‘Oh girl, you travel half a year and you’re with male models, you’re definitely doing something with them,’ when obviously you’re not.

“Sometimes you wear very sexy things and sometimes you shoot with men. And sometimes you have to pretend you are making out with them. I’ve never dated anyone in fashion. This is my job. I am always very committed to my boyfriends.”

But she’s seen the downside of a public relationship.

“I’m not the most famous person in the world. I don’t understand why people care about my dating life, but people are interested. At the end of the day, I want to have normal relationships like everyone else. When you have the public involved, it becomes so much harder. You have to be with someone who is really secure — and not let the bulls–t take over your relationship.”

One relationship that’s blossoming is with reality television. Vyalitsyna replaced Karolina Kurkova and Coco Rocha as a mentor and judge on Oxygen’s “The Face.” She stars alongside Campbell, her one-time modeling hero.

“I was intimidated, because she was my idol. I was really scared,” Vyalitsyna says, noting that she was hired to compete against Campbell. (The models coach opposing teams of wannabes.) “This isn’t about Naomi. The show is about the team that I mentored. I had to do a job . . . but at the same time I really wanted Naomi to like me,” she says, pausing before breaking out in a laugh.

Being a mentor to young models is a role Vyalitsyna relishes, as she says she didn’t have one to guide her when she began putting on weight early in her career, at age 18.

“My agents were like, ‘Go to the gym.’ I was like, ‘I’ve done sports my whole life, I don’t know what the gym is. I don’t know how to eat salads.’ It would have been nice to have another woman to talk to,” says Vyalitsyna, who now keeps her body toned with everything from Zumba to Pilates at Chaise23 and SoulCycle. “My body is really strong, but I still look very lean.”

Vyalitsyna, who lives in downtown Manhattan not too far from the Statue of Liberty, is still celebrating becoming a US citizen in November.

“Russia is still where I came from and where my family is, but America kind of built me into the person I am. It’s such a wonderful country, it’s given me so much, and I really wanted to be a part of it,” she says, beaming with pride.

With all of those accomplishments finally comes approval from her parents, who are both doctors in Russia and hoped she would give up modeling to follow more erudite pursuits.

“They were like, ‘Go to school, go to school, go to school. What are you doing with modeling?’ I am sure it was hard for them, too, because they’re such intellectual people. They’re doctors, and I am a model. Most people say that models are not that smart. And I’ve always loved school and I’ve always wanted to go to college and I still do,” she says, adding another goal to her list. “They are proud . . . And now they are very supportive.”

This interview was taken from the NY Post Blog site. Go here to read more on the world of fashion!

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I had a great time writing last night’s TV Source review for The Face; so much fun that I lost track of how long it was to be. Here are the ups and downs of last night’s third episode of The Face; enjoy!

‘The Face’ Review: A Banquet Runway Leads to Tearful Elimination
By Venus Stone

The Face - Season 2
THE FACE — “Runway Dinner Party” Episode 203 — Pictured: The remaining ten modeltestants — (Photo by: Steve Fenn/Oxygen)

In last night’s episode of The Face, the show resumed with a confrontation from Naomi Campbell, when she challenged fellow modelling mentors, Anne V (Vyalitsyna) and Lydia Hearst for their decision to put up Khadisha and Nakisha for elimination. If you saw last week’s show, Naomi was fuming over the fact that her own girl, Kira unwittingly shared with teammate, Afiya that a model of color and who was not American could win the competition. Based off that tense evening, it was clear that Naomi felt that neither women should have been put up that night.

The Face - Season 2
THE FACE — “Runway Dinner Party” Episode 203 — Pictured: (l-r) Executive Producer and Supermodel Coach Naomi Campbell alongside Host Nigel Barker and Guest Tyson Beckford — (Photo by: Tim Brown/Oxygen)

Latex, Heels and Tyson Beckford?

In the first individual competition of the night, host Nigel Barker (with his 007 of the fashion world finesse) welcomed hunky male supermodel, Tyson Beckford as judge for a competition that consisted of perfecting the perfect runway walk. I loved this challenge mainly because Nigel made it a toughie for the girls in the competition. When I say toughie, I mean, latex, super high heels and a high platform of stairs thrown in the mix. Tyson, along with Nigel, were looking for three key elements to achieve: poise, posture and pose. The girl that perfected all three would be the winner of the challenge and help give her team the upper hand when their group competition began.

Wearing latex skirts by Syren, leather corsets by The Stockroom, high heels by Ruthie Davis and couture head pieces by Eric Jarvis, the aspiring models had to do their best walk possible to feature their assemble. It was difficult to do because the latex skirts worn were super tight and constricting, making it hard for many to achieve their runway walk upon the staircase.

Watching the show, I can say that Kira, struggled the most. Her lack of self-confidence mixed with pure stiffness showed as she struggled to walk up the staircase. Second weakest? Ray. Her posture was off and she still struggles with having the best walk out of the rest of Team Lydia. The best out of the whole individual group was Anne V’s Tiana. She walked fluidly in the tight latex as if she had been doing it all of her modeling life. She won the competition for the team.

Kira the Defeatist

From the very first episode of The Face, Russian model Kira has been very outspoken. She was either ruffling the feathers of the very own team mates or she was placing blame on Naomi in not having the most time being shown ‘what to do’. Over time, it just seemed to look like she was giving up on herself, and it was hard to watch, or for that matter, listen to, when she continued to mope and struggle during the competition.

Runway ala Banquet Table

I’ve seen all kinds of modeling challenges thrown at models, but this group competition was epic on so many levels. For the group challenge, Nigel introduced fashion designer Pamella Roland, whose designer cocktail and long evening gowns would be featured in a runway competition. A runway competition that would be on a long banquet table that would be filled with wine glasses, candles, floral centerpieces and of course food. The competition would focus on the following three elements: runway walk, showcasing the dress, and confidence of the model.

Tiana, who won the individual competition earlier on, helped give Team Anne V the upper hand this time around, and it was much needed, due to the loss of two previous competitions to Team Naomi. They had the opportunity to select their Pamella Roland dresses; both cocktail and long evening gowns, ahead of the rest. Anne proved to be the most focused by having her girls wearing evening gowns that weren’t too long or too heavy in the dress’s train. Her coaching of the “kick and step” method was great to see.

Team Lydia did an overall good job, however, Amanda received frowns from the designer herself, when Pamella commented to Nigel that Amanda was way too sexy in both of her walks. I have to agree with her, because the whole blowing kisses was over the top and more designed for the models of Victoria’s Secret than for someone of high fashion. Ray, who struggled in the individual competition, struggled with her runway walk on the banquet table. You could see it all over her face as she slowly walked down the runway.

The team that was the most weak was Team Naomi. It wasn’t the whole group of girls that affected the team but possibly one or two that made things a tad rough. Kira, first off, needs to stop with the mini pity party when being given pointers by Naomi. Naomi isn’t there to feed her everything she needs to do verbatim, but is there to mentor and coach on how to correct things that needed to be corrected. She just sounded like a wounded bird and her attitude sabotaged her on the runway for both cocktail and long evening gown runway walks.

As for my girl, Afiya, she gets the medal for keeping her composure throughout her walk. She took out half the table in her long evening gown, dragging almost everything from wine glasses to knocking over the cake from off of the cake platter. As Afiya was walking down the banquet table, I didn’t know if Naomi was shedding tears from laughter or if they were tears of utter fear, but either way, that was a classic reaction to see on television.

The Face - Season 2
THE FACE — “Runway Dinner Party” Episode 203 — Pictured: Supermodel Coach Anne V with her modeltestants — (Photo by: Steve Fenn/Oxygen)

In the end, it was all about Team Anne as Pamella announced that they achieved all three elements of the banquet runway competition. Tiana got the most praise from Pamella for her elegant walk and poise. Because Anne’s team won, Anne, for the first time, would have to go into the elimination room to check out who Naomi and Lydia chose to put up. I, like Naomi, already knew who would be her girl sent into the room, as for Lydia, it could have been either Amanda or Ray.

Elimination Leaves One Playing the Blame Game

As expected, Naomi and Lydia both chose correctly in who should be standing before Anne in the elimination room. Ray had the weakest walk and lack of posture in both of her runway walks and Kira simply shut down and fell apart on the runway with a bad walk, posture and confidence. When asked why each wanted to stay, Ray was the one that showed a great deal of passion and fight to be kept. She admitted that she should have been in the elimination room because of her poor performance but she also pointed out to Anne that she was determined to do better. Kira, unfortunately, did the very thing that Naomi warned her against doing: beg. During her talk with Anne, Kira once again placed blame on her poor performance on Naomi, stating that she was struggling in the competition because she felt that she wasn’t given more instructions on how to improve. Anne, however, was on point in letting Kira know that the coach’s jobs aren’t to hold their hand throughout the competitions, but rather mentor them.

In the end, Ray won another day in the competition and was sent back to Team Lydia. As for Kira, after learning her fate, she completely broke down in tears. I will admit, my heart broke for her, because I could see her slowly losing confidence. Her tears and heartbreak was so loud that Naomi, breaking the rules of entering the elimination room, went in to see what was going on. It was there where she consoled Kira and stressed that she couldn’t give up on herself.

Next Wednesday’s episode of The Face will of course start off with a bang, as Naomi once again confronts Anne in regards to her decision to send her girl home. Also on the show, we will see the models tackling on a competition where they have to perfect an ad campaign. Until next time, The Face viewers!

To catch up with the rest of The Face reviews, got to TV Source now!

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